Tonya's Top Five Shampoo Tips

Many of our BlazeDry stylists are just as into caring for your hair as they are into styling it. And giving your hair a good shampoo and condition before she arrives is important. It gives her a nice, clean palate to work with, which will affect the outcome of your look. So, we give you (drum roll, please)...

Tonya’s Top Five Shampoo Tips:

(Tonya, in case you haven’t guessed, is a BlazeDry stylist. On The Headline, we’ll include tips from all of our stylists).

1. Before shampooing, make sure you saturate the hair well! When hair is really wet, you need less product.

2. On the first shampoo, don’t expect a full lather. You’re just removing the oil and build up. So don’t keep adding shampoo. Rinse, then shampoo again. Voilà! Full lather.

3. Get the blood flowing with a good scalp massage. A tight scalp can lead to hair loss because it’s not receiving proper blood circulation.

4. How do you know when your hair is clean enough? It’ll squeak. Your scalp should be free from residue and buildup. To make sure you’re giving yourself a thorough rinse, massage fingers thru hair to get all the product out.

5. Use tepid water when rinsing conditioner. Not hot, not cold. This helps give the hair a sheen and shocks the scalp for more blood circulation.

So, when your stylist arrives you’ll be squeaky clean and she can blaze right through your blowout!